Waterbending is one of the 4 major bending styles

File:Waterbending emblem.png
 It is a graceful style of bending and specializes in counter attack-related abilities to allow the bender to turn their opponents forces against them. However, to waterbend you need to be near a source of water which is ideal for waterbenders.

Waterbenders rely on their various, unique, abilities that focus more on utility, rather than offensiveness, or defensiveness. Even though waterbenders might not be the strongest in battle, their wit, and creativeness makes for a formidable fighter.

 Abilities Edit

Currently, waterbenders are capable of doing 4 abilities:


Waterbending also has different sub-skills or sub-bendings like:


Waterbenders have a variety of tools that can be found or crafted which aid them in some way, like:


  • Water Arcs can be created near filled cauldrons.
  • If it's raining you can create water arcs without the need of a water source

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