Lightningbending is a sub-style of Firebending in Avatar Mod 2 which involves the generation of lightning bolts. This technique has historically been an extremely powerful and special ability which further enhances the offensive power of firebenders, and lightningbending in AV2 is no joke! Lightningbending deals huge amounts of damage and is a great enhancement to the offensive firebending playstyle.

Lightning Bending in Minecraft - Teaser

Lightning Bending in Minecraft - Teaser

Learning Edit

Lightningbending can be learnt by finding Lightningbending Scrolls, which can only be found in Stronghold Libraries. To learn Lightningbending, simply hold the Lightningbending Scroll in your hand and right-click. The Lightningbending abilities will then need to be unlocked individually in the Skill Menu, with either Universal, Firebending, or Lightningbending Scrolls.

Abilities Edit

Lightningbenders have access to several new abilities in addition to their normal firebending ones:

In addition, lightningbenders can learn the technique of lightning redirection. Only firebenders can redirect lightning

Trivia Edit

  • Lightningbending abilities can be used to electrocute enemies through water.